When I was about five I decided that my favorite number would be 24. My reasoning was that odd numbers were icky (I had no logical explanation for this), and two was a very nice even number, but so was four, and six was too sharp, and eight was too high. So I settled on 24. Since then email accounts, pin numbers, login names and countless other things have incorporated this, and I only take a fortune cookie seriously if it is included in the lucky numbers.

Up until this year I wondered if anything significant would happen in this year of my life. Silly and superstitious, maybe, but I always hoped this year would contain big, life changing, earth shattering things.

And 24 was indeed a very big year. I’m sad to see it go.


About A B

"There is all this untouched beauty, the light, the dark, both running through me." -Over The Rhine
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