Small Miracles

I’ve learned in the first week of having my new kitten, Sati, that he has displays a variety of strange, atypical behaviors, ranging from the adorable to the infuriating. One of these behaviors is that he likes to sit on the rim of the bathtub and watch me take a shower. I let him do this, thinking that soon enough he’ll get annoyed by the occasional splash of water in his face as I go about all my lathering rituals, but he seems totally unfazed. He likes to gaze at the glistening bubbles running along the floor of the tub, stare in awe at the water flowing down my hair, or track my razor when I prop my leg up on the corner shelf to shave. And when I’m finished, and step out of the shower, rather than trying to play tag with my towel or meow for food or whatever else you might expect, he gets into the wet tub, sits down where I had been standing, and stares at the shower head for at least five minutes, as if waiting patiently for that bizarre miracle of shimmering, spraying, bubbling rain to start flowing from the ceiling again.


About A B

"There is all this untouched beauty, the light, the dark, both running through me." -Over The Rhine
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One Response to Small Miracles

  1. Luke Bolton says:

    What an interesting post! I can’t imagine what Sati must be thinking! Maybe that you are a rain goddesss with the ability to turn on and off the heavenly downpour 😛

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