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Impromptu Gratitude List

Sati kneading a blanket and purring The way my lungs feel after the long run Having heat on this cold night How tall the ceilings are in my apartment Chocolate, in general Eye sight post lasik Being one month closer … Continue reading

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Step 1: Relearn How To Feel Whatever Emotion This Is.

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Even In Laughter The Heart May Ache

“Somewhere down the roadwe’ll lift up our glass,and toast the momentand the moments past.The heartbreak and laughter,the joy and the tears,the scary scary beauty of what’s right here.” -Over The Rhine

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Motherless Child On A Sunday Morning

In Church last Sunday with my father, while I gazed out skylights at the small birds swimming around in the wind and the branches and the blueness of a clear warm day, they played this song.

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